Respect for the health and integrity of your hair, body, soul, skin and nails. We provide you with longer lasting hair colour without the obnoxious odors or reactions from harsh chemicals.

Rest assured, you will enjoy a naturally healthier, nourished, protected and strengthened you!



Our methodology, the way we do what we do for you. You shouldn’t have to jeopardize your health to maintain beauty. We believe that beauty care should be healthy, toxin free and safe for all. Organic beauty is glamour without the gunk. Enjoy the outstanding results of our kind, gentle, high performing, certified organic products.



The setting where you will experience our ahavah for you. A beautifully tranquil, toxin and perfume free environment. Your cozy getaway from the exhausting hustle and bustle of life. An oasis for those who experience chemical sensitivities. An atmosphere where Spa and Salon unite. You will breathe easy within our unique SpALON.


The reason behind our Organic Holistic Beauty SpALON. Ahavah is love. It gives, it serves, it protects, it trusts, it has hope, it perseveres. It is patient, kind, friendly, humble, joyful, respectful. Love never fails.

ahavah ORGANIC SpALON, organic salon Barrington, IL