We appreciate your commitment to Organic Holistic Choices.  We can not guarantee that your on line booking will remain in the exact spot that you chose. Appointments must flow for our staff and SpALONers. Requests for services is high as our promise is to repair, transform, maintain and control damage done by conventional products. New guests MUST book a ‘Complimentary Consultation’ in order to evaluate your personal service requirements.​ If you experience sensitivities you MUST book a complimentary ‘SensitivityPatch Test’ prior to services along with your ‘Complimentary Consultation’Book services far enough in advance for your desired date and time. Plan on a 3 Hour Visit for your first Organic Hair Colour Services.


Pricing varies according to timing, length, volume, products and the level stylist that you book with. 


Text   847.567.8340


Once your appointment has been booked, you will receive an email notification.  Click Confirm at your earliest convenience.

Non confirmed cannot be guaranteed service. 

We reserve the right to cancel any non confirmed appointments.


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