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Thank you for visiting  the SpALON website.   


I envisioned ahavah ORGANIC SpALON in 2013 as a personal escape  from the stress that unnecessary hormone disrupting chemicals place on our skin, hair, body and life in general.  The purpose for the SpALON is so that we have a home away from home.  A holistic refuge, a place of peace and tranquility.

My name is Lisa Gabriel , simply said, I experience chemical sensitivities.  The fact is that man made test tube chemicals  irritate my skin, smell awful and are a discomfort to me in general.  If you feel the same you have found your new personal care home! 


 We are a kind, compassionate  staff of like minded individuals with a heart to serve. We care for each and every persons  needs. We listen, we consult and we prepare a plan action for you. Together we see that plan through.


I am a wife for life, a mother to an incredible adult daughter.  I am a warrior in the kitchen, an artist at heart  a no nonsense business woman with a affinity for growth. I live locally and I've been told that I am an animal lover as I am surrounded by pets at home. My ministry is the healing and empowerment of all who walk through my door.

Live beautifully.

Instagram  - lisa._.gabriel Goofy pics, art, food and more food with recipes that you can follow along.

Facebook  - Lisa Gabriel  -Life in general.



ahavah ORGANIC SpALON, organic salon Barrington, IL
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