Artisans, Investors  & Licensing

 Calling Artisans of ORGANIC products or Services. We have helped launch many products and services for Artisans both local and abroad!  Love your product and interested in having us help you launch?


Thinking about opening a wonderful business?  Take your first step on your journey to owning an ORGANIC SpALON.  Skilled techniques, eco friendly toxin free culture and warm hospitality. Together they create a remarkable community and tranquil SpALON experience unique to ahavah.


The first SpALON was opened in Barrington IL in 2013 by founder Lisa Gabriel, an innovative visionary.  Since then we have spread our passion to many satisfied SpALONers. 


Looking for an investment opportunity?  Concider a business investment or a licensing agreement with ahavah ORGANIC SpALON INC.


To discuss artisan products, services, investing or ownership  in our successful SpALON -




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