SpALON Policies 

Thank you in advance for reading SpALON Policies.  In order to obtain your desired appointments, please book your appointment far enough in advance to ensure availability. You are required to book a New Guest Consultation, a Sensitivity Patch Test and a 15-minute complimentary consultation prior to first time services. 


Please TEXT 847.567.8340 or CALL 847.382.6742 to schedule your appointments. NO gaurentee that your on line booking will remain in the exact spot that you book it. Appointments must flow for our holistic practitioners for safety.. Requests for SpALON services is high as our promise is to repair, transform, maintain and control damage done by conventional products. New SpALONers MUST book a ‘Complimentary Consultation’ in order to evaluate your personal service requirements.

SpALONing appointments are designed to allow appropriate times for your SpALONing. ​Our expectation is that you will be arriving from home clean and fresh have experienced no previous contact with the Covid virus.  We take your health seriously and request that you do not arrive from a previous outing such as shopping or another appointment. 


Please allow yourself enough time for travel, parking . Please arrive on time for your scheduled SpALONing.   If weather permits you can enjoy our lovely courtyard previous to your SpALONing appointment.  

SpALONing areas that you come in contact with will have been sanitized for you and agin after you. Once you settle in, breathe in our soothing aromatherapy and fill out required forms. Please note that a late arrival will strictly limit your  timing for SpALONing.

Cancellations and Reschedules require notice at your earliest convenience.  After 2 attempt to reach your a  confirmation your SpALON appointment without reply we reserve the right to cancel your appointment. Prices and Hours are subject to change without notice at any time.

We prefer personal checks for payment with gratuities included. US currency is appreciated. All Credit Card transactions will incur an admin fee for processing.  Some gratuities accepted on Zelle or Venmo. Please leave your  valuables at home as we will not be held responsible for lost or misplaced items.

​​Please do not bring your own personal beauty products for use in the SpALON. Respectfully refrain from ANY wearing  perfume.

Please do not bring breakfast, lunch or dinner with you.


No exchanges. NO refunds. Our vendors do NOT sell through Amazon, any item not purchased through the SpALON will NOT be guaranteed effective. 


Once arrived, as a courtesy to others relaxing, please silence ALL your electronic mobile devices.

Our staff will give you undivided attention while you are here. Please telephone reception at 847.382.6742 or TEXT 847.567.8340 with any questions that you may have.

We look forward to SpALONing you soon! Thank you!

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